dave hunt - arps

fine art and portrait photographer based near killin in perthshire in the glorious scottish highlands.

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Print Exhibitions :
2017 Art Fair participation

July 22nd to Aug 6th - Fortingall Art Fair

Sept 2nd to Sept 10th - Perthshire Open Studios.

a collection of framed prints from myself and partner Gill are currently being exhibited at the new Courie Inn and also at the Bridge of Lochay Hotel, both in the village of Killin, Perthshire.

Recent exhibitions :

13th May to 4th June - In The Garden With Friends - at The Bield at Blackruthven nr Perth

Print sales :
selling images on ArtFinder

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Fine Art Photography : portfolio.  

Recent gallery - New Prints for 2017

Current active projects:

Wet Plate Portraits - portraits as created in the victorian era... 

Salt printing - historical printing.

Project 2015 - images edited with iPad app for print

Project 5x4 - captured with my 1950's large format film camera - 

Updates to Alternative printing process collection.


Video Production : portfolio

Video creation - 'Tom' - supporting The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride from Killin on 25th Sept 2016 - Tom's Killin Ride

all images and text are copyrighted to dave hunt unless otherwise stated. copying (aka ripping off) is terribly unsporting .. and illegal.
f you must use an image from this site without consent then please have the decency to credit my work... or get in touch, I may be happy to share references.

thank you.