I have been working with process such as Salt, Albumen, Vandyke and Cyanotypes for a number of years primarily for personal interest but more recently for exhibition and print sale, its a wonderful escape from the world of digital perfection.

To those new to this field of image creation it can seem a bit confusing, something rather alien, but in recent years interest in this more tactile method of producing physical prints has gained enormous interest to both the seasoned and the younger artist.

This has coincided with a surge of interest in vintage and modern film cameras from Polaroid, 35mm, Holga and Lomography up to large format, but the process lends itself extremely well to digital and mobile image capture.

Whist I am not as yet offering formal workshops in this medium I may offer 1-2-1 or set groups tuition if I feel that I can offer some valuable insight to the process and techniques.

However this topic is covered in the 'explore the artist within' sessions - details on our Wildgrass Studio site

If you have an interest please get in touch.

What is all this  'Alternative Print' thing...
Quite simply these are the processes used in the pioneering days of photography back in 1830's through to the early 1900's and the techniques that were developed became what we know as the b&w darkroom print of today, the Silver print ! 
Back then photographers were really scientists. alchemist and inventors and often seen and rather eccentric individuals producing magic. Maybe that's still true ?

work samples    Salt and Cyanotypes.    5"x4" formal film  [10"x8" film]    [6x6cm - Lomography] - coming soon.