associate qualification with the rps

panel of images submitted for a successful associate qualification in visual art with the royal photographic society in 2009.

at the time I received some criticism for the apparent simple lighting and composition but this was essential to support the subject in context of my life drawing background.

looking back i may do things a little differently now but the reason for gaining such a qualification is more to develop ones style than to reach a destination in our craft.

many thanks again to the models who helped create the images, each one contributed with their individual style and creativity. my best work is when i collaborate with those that share the passion.

Statement of Intent.

"My passion for figure work began many years ago whilst studying life drawing and this work is the culmination of a year long study exploring the form, balance and symmetry of the human figure as well as the relationship with the space around the subject and within the overall frame. 

In creating these images my aim was to bring together and harmonise both life drawing and photographic artistic disciplines.

Using a simple pedestal as a base for the full form images isolates the subjects from the floor which is important to me as the figures should not have the feeling of being heavily grounded . . . thus allowing the freedom of the pose to be achieved.

I have created the images as real as possible ‘in camera’ to portray natural pose, with lighting kept subtle in sympathy with the intended mood of the image using both highlights and shadow to define shape."

Dave Hunt - 2009

associate qualification with the bipp (british institute of professional photography)