5 Essential Tools that Every Independent Photographer Needs


by Sally Writes

Are you thinking about taking your photography hobby to a professional level? You can streamline any budding photography business using online platforms that improve your productivity, hone your skills, and build a healthy customer following. If you’re planning on starting your own photography business, there are some essential editing and administrative tools that you can use to give yourself an edge in the marketplace.

Organisational Systems

Technology can help you to stay organised so that you boost your productivity each day, leaving you with more time to spend honing your photography skills and building your business. Online notepad apps can help you to jot down notes, ideas, to-do lists and more, even while on the go, and many even sync data across mobile devices. You can also keep up with a busy work calendar using scheduling tools.

Collaborative Software

You can build stronger professional relationships with colleagues and clients by keeping on top of communication channels. Email and messaging apps make it easy to reach your work contacts from any mobile device, while video chat services allow you to communicate face-to-face. You can also track your work and team up with colleagues using online collaboration tools.

Cloud Storage

If you do lose something vital to your work, you should have a backup system to recover your photography projects. Many of us have learned the hard way that without a data recovery protocol as a failsafe, data can be lost forever. With cloud storage services, your work is stored on remote servers that can be accessed from the Internet, meaning that you won’t lose projects if your computer seizes up or dies. You can back up important data and access it from any device with online access.

A Photo Editing Program

There are countless different tools that you can find to edit your photos both online and offline. Depending on your line of work or specialisation, one platform may offer more useful features than another. You can find basic media editing software for free online, or invest in a paid license for a professional editing suite.

Promotional Platforms

If you have nowhere to show off your work, it will be nearly impossible to attract new clients. A strong online portfolio helps to showcase your skills as a professional photographer. Popular online social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are a great way to share your work while cultivating an online presence. You can also create your own website to help increase brand awareness and recognition.

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