The Spirit of Breadalbane

Collection of images captured over 10 years in my local area of Perthshire known as Breadalbane. accompanying the wonderful music of Orla Wren

A current project being brought together for exhibition primarily for the Fortingall Art fair in July 2014.

Some framed works are also on display at The Bridge of Lochay Hotel and the Courie Inn in Killin and Sula Furnishing near Balquidder.

Exhibition of the project has been in collaboration with the relaunch of the website that promotes the Rings of Breadalbane.




‘Breghad Albain’ 

(Braghaid Albainn)

The Spirit of Breadalbane

“ Fam’d Breadalbane opens to my view,” - Burns

The name  “Breadalbane” , so suggestive of romance and scenic grandeur, means “The Uplands of Alban”. The Gaelic word, braghaid, upper part, is frequently found in Scottish place-names in the form of braid.

Alban was the ancient name of Scotland and to this day it is the name applied to our Northern Land by Gaelic-speaking Highlanders, as well as by the Gaels of Ireland, and by the people of Wales.

When the Scots from Ireland settled during the early centuries of the Christian era on the Western coastland from Kintyre to Ross-shire, they called the mountain range that separated them from  Pictland, Druim-alban, or the backbone of Alban, and the region immediately beyond that range,
Braghain - Alban

The boundaries of Breadalbane have never been defined with any exactness, the reason probably being that the district at no period formed a separate province for administrative purposes.

Excerpt from the book ‘In Famed Breadalbane’
Rev William A. Gillies - Minister of Kenmore

The local reference for the history of Breadalbane - first published in 1938