mobile phone and tablet photography workshops

Taking pictures on mobile phones and other mobile devises has been around for a number of years but with recent improvements in the quality of the image capture and the ever increasing number of capture and post processing apps many casual and serious photographers are discovering this exciting world of photography.

In these workshops we look at various camera and editing apps to create finished images and also how to manage files onto our desktop pc's and to share online.

Whilst biased towards the Apple iPhone and iPad they are suitable for anyone with a camera phone and tablet to produce images for both personal and professional use. we can cover the more popular android devices, the practices are the same.

These workshops are currently arranged on demand for individuals and small groups as required.

Costs : 

1/2 day introduction : £125
Full day masterful : £200
These costs are for up to 2 individuals, larger groups by arrangement.

Gift vouchers available.

For details or to reserve a place in future group sessions please give us a call.

Dave 01567 820 990 / 07887 588 573

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All these finished images have been edited on an iPad, and have been captured either on a a mobile device or dig SLR