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When was the last time that you really thought about an image before pressing the shutter.... ?

We live in an exciting world dominated by imagery from pro and amateur photographers and the smart phone and social media revolution which is now ingrained in our daily lives, today everyone is a photographer !

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Cyanotypes and Van Dyke printing methods - updated Feb2017

The Cyanotype has been one of the more popular of the Alternative processes, in part due to the relative simplicity of its creation but also due to the lower cost and safety of the materials used, plus the flexibility of print surface mediums from paper to fabric, in fact almost anything is possible (within reason).....

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so, that was last year - a new style..

2015 saw my photography take quite a leap sideways, not in the subject matter but in my approach to post production which created a new style of work.

I guess I was struggling with inspiration for new work and what was missing was not what to photograph but how to convey something in my work that reflected something more personal.

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