landscape photography workshops

We offer 1, 2 and 4 day workshops for groups of 4-6 in intermediate or advanced Landscape photography. Packages can include full board by arrangement.

1 day session – starter course These are aimed at individuals with some basic knowledge of camera skills and who wish to take their knowledge up a level and get more from their photography. We start with a short theory session in handling a camera and understanding exposure etc, then we spend as much time as possible outdoor taking photos.At this time these are arranged on demand subject to demand – please get in touch to express an interest.

2 day session – Intermediate level Very similar to the 1 day session but assuming that the basics are understood and spending more time with more advanced theory with the second day visiting alternative locations for some variety in landscapes used for practice. More info on Intermediate workshops.

4 Day Masterclass Taking the 2 day course but expanding over 4 shorter days to provide a deeper level of knowledge whilst allowing you the student to slow down the learning process and give more time for practice and refinement.The 2 or 4 day workshops can include a session on studio lighting, however if this is where your interest lies then maybe try our Fine Art Studio workshop.