trust and understanding are so important when photographing the exposed individual from the style of image to working within the persons own comfort zone, and this trust extends past the photo session into the care and security of the images.

and also it's not all about young people with classic preferred figures, there is beauty in all ages, we may assume that the younger individual is less reserved about sharing their images and for the mature individual these become much more private, however i have found that as we grow we can become less concerned about our obvious appearance, and with maturity we can become more 'liberated' within ourselves.

presented here are a few samples of my work with people who have consented to their images being shared, some clients, some friends, and some less formal shots taken with professional models. many images from personal commissions are never shared, even offline.

liberated individuals.

shedding some or all of one's attire comes naturally to some but not everyone, especially in front of strangers, and particularly in the presence of a photographer or artist.

i have been fortunate to have met and worked with many creative individuals that are comfortable being naked where there is mutual appreciation for capturing the human form. but more importantly I have been trusted by some folk that have never stripped off in the presence a stranger and i am surprised how many folk secretly wish to 'give it a go'. more often it's to have a personal image created for themselves or their partner, and just about everyone that has taken the plunge comments how liberating it feels.


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