Old School Photography - intro

Turning the clock back to walk in the footsteps of our photographer ancestors.


Why ?
Well why not ? In short working with vintage methods is something of an escape from the predictable perfection that we have come to expect today with digital photography, a way to connect with the true artistic side of image creation, a way to create an emotional connection with our audience.

To me photography is all about the final print and I refer to the RPS ethos of 'Why you took the picture rather than how !". In recent times we have followed the pursuit of perfection with our photography where digital equipment and techniques offer endless methods to reach that holy grail of image creation.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love producing a print that is a faultless representation of an image with no evidence of the creation process be it digital or film but as perfectionists we do run the risk of being obsessed with the photographic quality rather than the image itself and we can loose that emotive content. Technical perfection can at times be a distraction and what some may consider a fault other will see as adding something, a less sterile image with a sense of feeling and emotion..

It’s very popular in recent years to artificially distress and image with darkroom or digital processing, something that I have myself done with acceptable effect (imho), but working with true vintage methods allows an image to be created that in some ways has a life of its own, to watch an image slowly evolve during its creation with a level of loss of control can be a unique and fulfilling experience. It's a very tactile process that can take days, even weeks from then capture of the initial negative to a stabilised print.

Every print created contains a small part of me.... i'm in there somewhere.