Post production workshops

So, you have a great set of images in your camera ... what next..? This is your chance to learn or perfect your Post Production skills for web and high quality print ... for 1-2-1 and small groups primerily using Adobe Lightroom, Elements, Photoshop and some iPad applications. yes, I am producing large scale high quality prints from iPad apps !

With the increase in individuals now taking their own family and commercial photographs and the many online photo printing services more and more folk are now needing to finish their own images for web and print.

Getting the most from your images has never been such a challenge, what's the best software for me ?, how can I get the most from my original files, how do I get image files into the computer as easily as possible, and whats all this stuff about file size and DPI ?

We offer tuition in applications from the standard Operating System utilities plus Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Lightroom CS5/CC and Photoshop CS6/CC - some earlier versions covered. We also offer post production using standard and 3rd party apps on mobile and tablet devices. Whilst we specialise in Adobe Lightroom we can offer some tuition in Apple's Aperture.

In our Post Production workshops we can look at how much knowledge you already have (many are total novices, that's fine) or what software you either have or are looking to invest in. We then strip things back and just look at whats important whilst avoiding all that confusing computer and product marketing jargon.

Taking your images and using software that you have access to we can then give you an understanding of what you need and create a simple workflow for you to produce high quality prints and web files with confidence, without getting bogged down in the techie stuff. 

Q: Will the training include image manipulation ?
A: It will cover essencial enhancing and repair as required, however full digital image manipulation is an option if required.

Q: Do I need the latest software ?
A: No. ok, having the latest Lightroom and Photoshop CC apps is great most post editing can be done with more basic packages. It can be too easy to get swept away with product reviews that replace core understanding.


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Magazines and the Internet will bombard you with technical jargon and 'How To..' articles which can be extremely useful, but without a basic understanding much of this can be rather missleading.

Its all about being creative and doing your images justice.

Dates and costs :
At this time these workshops are arranged on demand to individuals and small groups.
Costs for 1 individual :  1//2 day - £120.  Full day £200
Additional students at £25/person - Prices for groups available on request .

Gift Vouchers available.