pskov revisited - day 1

Return trip to the Russian city of Pskov for solo photo exhibition.

Day 1 - outward bound travel day (written sat 12th april)

Russia was never on my bucket list of places to visit, I have always been fascinated by Russia and Eastern Europe with its individual character and so it's really strange to be en route for the second time in less than a year.
Last year's visit was an invite to attend ‘Pskov Invites its Friends’, Pskov's 10th international Plein air event where 16 artists from twin cities from various countries were invited to meet and work together, a Plein air (French term for outdoors) being a term used to describe artists working away from the studio.
The event was attended by artists from Scotland, France, Germany, Estonia, Belarus, Latvia and Russia and was arranged by Pskov based artist and Children's art school head Oleg Tsvetkov and is supported by the Pskov City Administration and Friends of Pskov in Perth, the uk twin city. 
I was fortunate to be invited and it was something of an honour as they had never had a photographer attend before, I am not sure anyone, including myself knew what to expect.  but it must have been ok because I have been invited back !. At the end of the 10 day event an exhibition was held with several works from each artists, my own being printed and framed through the Art School.  

For my own work I concentrated on 2 complimenting themes, some landscapes and 'Resting Russia', a follow on from my Resting Highlands project where I studies abandoned buildings and machinery, left to rest up disturbed and in peace.

So, what will this trip bring.
I was invited by Oleg to offer a solo exhibition of my works from last years Plein air event along with some other of my personal work,  and for to me attending the opening of the exhibition as their guest and to visit the school and share my work and experiences with the children and other photographic artists.
I have a full weeks itinerary with meetings at the school, the city administration and also the city of Tartu in Estonia to meet some of the other artists from last years event, this I am really looking forward to.
I will also spend what personal time I have to do what I love to do, create some new work which I hope to share in an exhibition back in Perth later in the year.
Where am I as I write this journal entry ? playing the waiting for a connecting flight game in Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, next stop St Petersburg, somewhere that is no longer in a strange place in a foreign land.