Pskov revisited - day 7

A day with students. A morning session with the kids from the local Art College, about 7 students presented their works to share and for me to critique. I normally find it hard to see fault with others work as we all create our images in our own eye, sure we can give credit and guidance on technicals but what matters whilst learning is the artistic representation of the subject. Saying all that the standard of work is extremely high, well up with and at times beyond what I have seen at some camera clubs. Thanks to course leader Nikolai Vladimirov for the invitiation and for arranging the session.

What was thought to be a more gentle session for the afternoon was a Q&A back at the Children's Art School but in fact was just as full on. For every exhibition that the Art School host they invite the artist to meet the pupils to talk about their work, their background and their inspirations. it was a fairly intense 1 1/2 hrs with a packed room and some great questions from how i started in photography to what will I be working on when I get back to Scotland with a lot of interest in how and why I created the Resting Highlands and Resting Russia projects. Thankfully no questions on my thoughts on the Ukraine situation this time.

Another huge thanks to my translator Ekaterina for her patience and language skills, translating must be hard enough but dealing with photographic and artistic phrases must be something of a challenge. Finally a thanks to the young musician for his excellent interlude sessions.

This marks the end of the 'work' over here, tomorrow is a day trip to Estonia for some sight seeing and the chance to catch up with a couple of the artists that attended last years Plein air.

Never been to Estonia before, very exciting !!