resting highlands

for many years the native folk of the Scottish Highlands that lived off the land would settle in the stone farmhouses and more modest remote crofts, often found in the fields hiding way off the beaten track in the hillsides amongst the farms livestock

as these lifestyles of a bygone age have since passed many of the buildings and machinery became redundant so were left in peace to decorate the landscape and give the Scottish Highlands its distinct character of stone ruins and evidence of a time long passed.Whilst some have been restored there are many more that have been left alone, inaccessible by car or even in some cases the less enthusiastic walker.


remaining is the furniture and often some personal belongings abandoned where they were last used to face the harsh elements of the Highlands climate.It is in these building that we can see the stories of their earlier occupants, who would have cooked on the stove, eaten at the table, sat in the chair or slept in the bed. Some now offer a shelter for farm animals that roam free in the open hills, birds that seek a dry nest, or the occasional walker with a camera and a fascination for how history is being restored naturally and gracefully without organization

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