resting russia


in the summer of 2013 i was invited out to pskov in russia to join a plein-air, a group of invited artists working outdoors.

the 12 day event culminated in an exhibition of work created by the 16 artists in the school run by artists and group leader oleg  tsvetkov.

for my own work i used the event to create a follow on  from my resting highlands project, a study of buildings and machinery left to rest without disturbance or interference.

my connection with the event came from the twining between the cities of perth in scotland and pskov in russia.



many thanks to oleg and the friends of pskov in perth, uk.

update - april 2014:

i returned to pskov to attending the opening of a solo exhibition of my work created during the 2013 plein air and other fine art images from my portfolio. further details of the exhibition....

read my journal of my recent trip  back to pskov.