photography workshops - faq

Where is the training held ?
Most workshops are based at Wildgrass Studio, Wester Lix near Killin in Perthshire and for landscape sessions locations such as Rannoch Moor, Glencoe or a nearby Loch (Loch Lomond is one of many options). Locations are selected to suite the individual workshop.

Workshops can be based at the convenience of the individual or group by arrangement.

What skills and knowledge is covered in the starter workshops ?
The aim of all workshops is to help you understand photography and inspire your individual creativity, these are not ‘how do I work my camera ? ’ courses. If that’s what you are looking for please get in touch.

Saying that all workshops will cover the basics of camera control as required by the level of students attending the course, the longer the course the more we explore each aspect of photography

- Exposure. We cover the basics but do not waste time going through all the menus or techie features, the training is more about being artistic with the camera – putting YOU in control.

- Focus and Depth of Field. Selection of lenses for effect.

- Very quickly we move onto the interesting stuff, choosing the right settings for different shots, composition and creating effects.

- Understanding light. Mid day, overcast, sunrises, sunsets, light over water, once all this is understood then individuals are encouraged to start developing their own style of image.

What skills and knowledge is covered in the more advanced workshops.
For the Intermediate and Masterclass workshops everything in the starter workshops is covered but there will be far more emphasis on understanding exposure and focus, and how to use these creatively for inspiring effects.

In addition we can cover using filters and outdoor flash (subject to the needs of the group)

Finally we can include a session on post production, taking our work into a Mac / PC and preparing for print and web. 

How much time will be spent venturing outdoors on the landscape courses ?
In short as much as possible as that’s the only way to learn, and being in the Scottish Highlands means we will be spoilt for choice of locations all within easy reach.

But what if it’s raining on the day booked ?
It is not just a rumor but Scotland does get its fair share of rain, that’s what feeds the Lochs and Landscape. Even on poor days we can get some dramatic images (sometimes more so)
However if the weather is too bad to allow practical tuition I will offer an alternative day at no extra cost.

What about studio lighting and portrait photography ?
We also run courses on studio and location portraiture, as well as our very popular Fine Art Studio workshops.

What do I need to bring ?
A camera (obvious really but if you do not have something suitable let us know)
Tripod, Flash and Filters IF you have them.
Outdoor clothing – essential as the Scottish climate is not exactly predictable and to get the best shots will involve going away from the tarmac
A packed lunch. Tea and coffee provided.

I do not have a Digital SLR, is that a problem ?
No. Many hybrid / non slr cameras have sufficient manual control to allow creative use, if you are unsure drop me a line before booking.
Also whilst it’s always better to use your own equipment some folk looking to upgrade are unsure what to buy so find it useful to do a workshop so that they can make a better buying decision. We have spare cameras for folk to use – subject to availability.

I am a film user, is your training relevant ?
Surprisingly for some yes !. The tuition in these workshops is based on understanding camera and photography basics and most important of all light and composition rather than all that technical digital stuff. Essentially all cameras have a light sensitive medium, a shutter and a lens and what we will looking at is how to use these to capture images.
Clearly different cameras will have different capabilities both film or digital so if there are clearly very diverse levels of students that will restrict others we will suggest alternative dates.

What happens sifter the training – I get home and forget something that was taught ?
No problem, I invite everyone who attends any workshop to contact me (by email initially) for after session support. Some who have taken up this offer have become photo-buddies of mine and we are still in touch today. For me one of the great benefits of providing training is I get to meet some wonderful people, and us both being photographers makes it even better.

There is a knowledge base area of the website with notes, tips and shooting ideas with some deeper area accessible to all course participants. details

How do we book a session ?
Simple, give a call or send me an email with your preferred dates and we can take it from there. Contact details

Can I use the images taken in the workshop for my own use ?
All images created from still life subjects can be used by the student for their own portfolio but not for sale or reward.
Students will also respect that some photo competition rules state that class room photos will not be the photographers own creation and therefore may not be acceptable.

Any image taken of the models in the studio or location workshops will be restricted under terms of the model release form details available on request